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Premiers coups de pelles gagnants pour Gaia au Championnat du Monde à Plovdiv

C'est tout simplement le meilleur temps des séries qualificatives du deux de couple qu'ont réalisé ce matin Gaia Umbra Chiavini et son équipière Jeanne Roche dans la deuxième manche.

Après un très bon départ , elles ont pris le temps de bien poser leur coup d'aviron et sont restées en tête de la course sur les 2000 m du magnifique bassin de Plovdiv.

C'est donc tout naturellement qu'elles ont remporté cette série devant les rameuses hollandaises et les représentantes tchèques.

Cette performance les qualifie directement pour les demi-finales qui auront lieu samedi matin.

En plus des françaises, les biélorusses, les grecques et les italiennes se sont également qualifiées.

Women’s double sculls (JW2x) – Heats

This had the most entries of all the boat classes with 23 countries taking part. They were divided into four heats with the aim of finishing first for a direct path to the semifinals. Denmark jumped out at a 45 stroke rate in Heat One but it was Belarus that got to the 500m mark in the lead. Viktoryia Vasilyeva and Viyaleta Dzmitryieva of Belarus remained ahead in the middle of the race and had already created a gap over Slovenia in second with Canada trying to catch up to them. Belarus was maintaining their pace and they had increased their lead. In the final sprint Belarus did not push it and they took the qualifying spot. Slovenia held second over Canada with both boats having to go to the repechage.

Like their male counterparts, France was making the best of it in Heat Two. Gaia Chiavini and Jeanne Roche of France must also have been inspired by their country’s Olympic gold in this boat class and they still had the lead at the half way point. Lithuania was the closest boat to France with the Czech Republic in third. France rated a rather casual 33 strokes per minute but they were smooth and strong through the water and their speed reflected this. You could hear the coaches on their bicycles following the race, urging their athletes on. Now the Netherlands had moved up and along with the Czech Republic and Lithuania they were equal going into the final sprint. With France in first, the Dutch came through in second but will have to go to the repechage.

Heat Three saw a fast starting Irish crew take the lead. Holly Davis and Rachel Bradley of Ireland remained in front until Greece’s Styliani Natsioulas and Aikaterini Gkogkou pushed past in the middle of the race. The wind had picked up a bit and was more of a head breeze. Greece was at 37 strokes per minute and remained ahead of Ireland. Once in front, Greece was able to push out to a clear lead and remain at 37 strokes per minute. Ireland was at 35 and remained in second with the rest of the field in no position to challenge the leaders. Ireland came back in the final sprint but the Greeks had enough of a lead to hold them off.

It was a fast Italian crew that took the lead in Heat Four. The Italian duo was at 35 strokes per minute going into the second 500 to stay ahead of Germany who were hot on their heels. Alice Bussacchetti and Edda Volponi of Italy was still in front at the half way point and they had a handy lead now over Germany. At 33 strokes per minute Italy continued to lead with Germany at 34 but not able to dent the Italian lead. This race was rather a procession and no one really needed to sprint.

Qualifiers: BLR, FRA, GRE, ITA


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